Jonnie’s Junk Chic

Name: Jonnie Andersen, Brad Sack, and chihuahuas Alice Cooper and Winston
Location: Superior, Nebraska, (population 2,000)
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years

We came upon Jonnie’s collection of vintage home electronics while scavenging through her Etsy shop, Johnny Vintage, in search for vintage accessories for our own abode. Her collection includes a marvelous menagerie of wired devices from a bygone era: clocks, radios, televisions, cameras…all saved from being discarded and forgotten. Unlike most modern electronics which distract/detract, what’s most striking about Jonnie and Brad’s home is how naturally all these electronics complement the rest of their eclectic interior. As Etsy sellers, things come and go quickly from their home, but they’ve been kind enough to give us a tour of their Nebraskan den of vintage delights (located 30 miles from the geographical center of the U.S.).

AT Survey:

My/our style: We are kind of eclectic/eccentric I guess. Because I sell vintage and the things in our home are only here for a short time, it changes a lot. I love the new hippie/boho stuff and junk chic!

The inspiration for my home office/home theater: I read a lot of blogs and follow Flickr for inspiration. Really, it comes down to what I’m lucky enough to find at garage sales, auctions and second-hand stores. Aside from technology, there’s nothing in the house we paid more than a few bucks for. You can buy a decent home in rural Nebraska for not much money…friends from the coasts are always shocked to learn I paid less than $20,000 for the whole place. That’s pretty common out here.

Favorite element in your space: We both love the huge painting hung in the living room. It was done by a painter friend, and when we assumed his apartment several years ago, he left it for us.

Biggest challenge in designing my space: The toughest thing is handling all my inventory through my home. 1,200 square feet is a nice-sized space until you add tons of stuff to be stored and photographed.

What friends say about my space: A lot of people giggle about some of the eccentricities. I like that reaction, because from the moment they walk in, they’re primed for a good time. And a lot of Guitar Hero antics!

Area where there is room for improvement/future projects: We really have to do something about the kitschen. I call it “kitschen” because every appliance is a different color (we just laugh and call it eclectic) and the washer and dryer are in there. Wish I could find a way to move those, because we sometimes find ourselves cooking in the midst of piles of clothes.

Proudest DIY (do it yourself) project: So much of my home is DIY since we rely on decorating with other people’s throw-outs. I’m proud of the carpet though… I was given a whole load of carpet samples, so I decided to make them work, cutting the edges of each one and attaching them to the floor with carpet tape. It took about two weeks, but came out pretty great. I wanted them to look like the FLOR tiles I love so much!

Biggest indulgence with respect to my space: Hmmm, probably the paint it takes to make changes and keep it fresh for photographing.

Best advice about organizing or incorporating tech into the home: Blending the old with the new seems to work around here. I like the juxtaposition of the Guitar Hero guitars with the vintage televisions, etc.

Dream source for stuff: Some kind of Grey Gardens estate sale would be right up my alley!


Home Tech Hardware: A new-ish Mac for working images, two old lap-tops for using the web, a Wii, TV, iPod and a lot of vintage home electronics items like radios, televisions, cameras and lamps.

Appliances: Anything that works! We don’t wish to be a part of this new “disposable” appliance movement. Can’t be good. We finally had to get a refrigerator after our avocado green one gave out for the last time… sad to see it go!

Furniture: Crazy vintage couches, bright yellow with a bird pattern, love ’em! We formerly had a super-chic 50s teal couch (in some of the photos) my mom found at an auction and stored for years. When I moved home after living all over, I couldn’t wait to use it, but quickly found that I worried too much about ruining something so well kept since the 50s. Furniture should be comfy, and spills acceptable. So I sold it to a collector!

Accessories: A vintage truck found in my parents’ barn. We are putting utility wheels on it. Love those utility wheels on antiques! Danish-modern dresser found on a garage sale during the years I lived in Vegas. The best thing about Vegas: garage sales in the 50s and 60s communities, wowee! Some weird stuff can be found there!

Lighting: A whole bunch of tension pole lamps.

Photos by Jonnie Andersen of Johnny Vintage
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