These Space-Saving Kitchen Solutions from One of Our Favorite Brands Are More Than 30% Off

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Let’s face it, no matter the kitchen, everybody can use a little help with making it more efficient. Whether you need space-savers, ways to declutter, or multitaskers that make life easier, Joseph Joseph is a go-to brand of innovative kitchen solutions and essentials. And if you’re ready to finally tackle that utensil drawer or make meal prep a little easier, Macy’s is currently hosting a massive sale that includes many of our favorite Joseph Joseph products for over 30 percent off!  Be on the lookout and enter code SALE for an extra 20 percent off some of the items. And, as if you needed more incentive, you’re eligible for free shipping for purchases over $25. So what are you waiting for? Streamlining that kitchen is just one click away!

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An editor favorite, this nine-piece nesting set comes complete with two slip-resistant mixing bowls, a strainer, a mesh colander, and five measuring tools ranging from a bitty teaspoon to a full cup. Everything fits snugly into a compact, colorful rainbow, so you won't waste space or lose a thing.

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If you have narrow drawers or simply need to save some space for all your other stuff, this cutlery organizer is for you! At just over 4 inches wide, the angled slots still give you plenty of space for all of your utensils, and the slip-resistant feet will keep it in place even if there’s a drawer-slammer in the house.

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Why risk possibly stabbing yourself when reaching into a drawer? This two-tiered knife organizer not only keeps you safe but also your blades as well. Avoid dulling and damaging up to nine of your knives with this compact organizer, which accommodates varying blade lengths so you don’t have to worry about brand or type.

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Rolling out dough to a perfect width and thickness takes a ton of time and practice. Take the guesswork out with this rolling pin, etched with ruler-style measurements for width and discs on the end for precise thickness. They range from one-sixteenth of an inch up to three-eighths, and if you have the hang of it, just slide the rings off for a freestyle roll.

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The name says it all. Lay the Rinse Chop Plus flat for a non-slip cutting board, then fold up the end to form a curved colander to rinse and drain. No more spilling your veggies or dirtying a separate tool, just rinse and drain on the same surface. Plus, you then have a convenient spout to pour into your serveware. Talk about a multitasker!

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No matter how hard we try to keep track, there are just some things that get lost in a cabinet. Those bouillon cubes, that tiny jar of saffron, they never seem to have the perfect little slot. Well, this compact organizer solves that, with a tiered top to stack your jars and a pullout drawer for those smaller items. If you have a cabinet with at least 10 inches of depth, you’ve finally found the perfect storage solution.

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Nothing is more frustrating than putting all of your leftovers into a container, only to realize you can’t find the lid. Stop stressing and get a nesting storage set. The bases tuck neatly into each other, and the lids clip together so you save space and aggravation. This set has five different sizes of leak-proof containers with color-coordinating lids, ranging from a snack-friendly eight ounce to a whopping 101 ounce for batch cooking.

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Clear, stackable food storage containers are a pantry’s best friend. You can see your inventory, they keep everything airtight and fresh, and of course they keep everything neat and tidy. What makes this five-container set even better is their included stand. Every container is accessible on its own, meaning you don’t have to move the beans to get to the rice. Simply slide it in and out of its designated stand space, and go about your task without having to restack. Genius!

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A simple solution to staying sanitary in the kitchen is separate cutting boards. This set keeps it easy by designating cutting boards for veggies, meat, and poultry, labeling them like index folders (which serve as little handles!), and organizing them for neat and easy storage. Dishwasher safe and color coordinated — it’s like they thought of everything!

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Cabinet space just got way more efficient thanks to this three-container storage system. It makes use of the often-overlooked space under the cabinet shelves with an easy-to-mount storage rail that holds airtight food storage containers. Each is just under a quart, perfect for dried products like beans, with easy-pour corners and pull-tab lids that slide in and out without disturbing everything else in the cabinet.