Judah's Bright & Bold Room of Fun

Judah's Bright & Bold Room of Fun

Lizzie Ford
May 29, 2015
(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Name: Judah
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Judah is 2 years old and looking for a good time. Luckily his mum, Lorna, and dad, Jack, both talented stationery designers (eyilove.com) are sympathetic to his needs.
(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Judah's space in their 2 bed Victorian tenement flat, a home that is warm and filled with color and personality, is wholly his own (though with another baby on the way it will soon be a play den for two). It is a space for him to be wild and free and enjoy the finer things in life, like trains, a personal ice cream parlor and a wall you can draw all over. Quite frankly we could all take a page out of his book.

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?

FUN! Modern, bright, eclectic and stylish with a little element of kiddie cool ;)

I LOVE Scandi style and I adore all the monochrome thats around at the moment. There’s a part of me that would love to be all whitewash and airy but the textile designer in me simply loves those bright colours too much! We wanted it to be a fun and playful environment for Judah to grow up in so we went for a bright white base (as we did in our entire house) and then added our colour in. I’m not really one for blue on boys/pink on girls so I wanted the colour to be versatile and energetic and also, to reflect Judah’s crazy fun little personality. Our ceilings are so high so depending on which way you are looking the room can appear completely white and almost serene to completely WOW- quite like a sleeping/awake Judah!

What is your favorite piece or element?

I really love the overall contrast between the bright whites and the colour pops. I love the little Valet stand from IKEA which I can update with the current favourites from Judah’s ever growing clothing collection! There are some amazing kids brands out there and our current favourites are Mini Rodini and Thief & bandit, who both have some fab prints.

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?

For me, probably deciding quite how much colour to bring in and where to place it. I love a very clean, white space and am always so attracted to these Scandi style homes with all the minimal, black and white design. However, I seem to have an inability to keep it this way in my own home as I do love a colour pop or two! Thankfully, we have extremely high ceilings so I could bring in lots of colour quite high, meaning the majority of the wall space was left nice and white- for me to cover with bold prints and patterned clothes!

Produest DIY?

This will most definitely be the IKEA Kura bed, currently referred to by Judah as his “den-bed”— I think it’s genius!

> I am so chuffed I found the idea, firstly from friends who already had kids and secondly (for the hack) on the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Judah was never a great sleeper and the transition from falling asleep in my arms to being put down into a cot was a nightmare. We knew we wanted him in a bigger bed from very early on so I could lie beside him and then sneak out when he fell asleep but we knew with his olympic style wriggling in his sleep we would need something to keep him very secure. The KURA is perfect as the walls of what will make the bunk bed in future serve currently on the base where the mattress (and Judah!) are safely held in place. When he’s a bit bigger we will turn it the correct way up and he can have a little den underneath… or perhaps we’ll fill it with bambino strike 2, currently on the way!
(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)
What do your friends say about the room?

My friends all love it! They think it’s the most fun room in the house and always want to hang out there. Maybe this is the company though- JJ is rather a bundle of fun!! Seriously though, they do all think it’s great and many of them have asked me to come help them when decorating their kids rooms, so that’s definitely a compliment :)

Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?

Make it an environment where they have space to have lots of FUN and they will enjoy being there. I love to see Judah so proud of his space- everyone who comes to our house has to visit his room, den bed and ice-cream shop before they have even had a chance to remove their coat! And encourage their creativity in whatever way you can. Judah’s wardrobes are painted in chalkboard paint and he knows he has freedom to do his drawing there.

Storage plays a HUGE role in any kids room- you have no idea how much stuff/toys kids accumulate so make sure you invest in some cool looking storage pieces you can quickly fire all the mess away in at the end of the day!

If money were no object, what's your dream source?

I do love many Scandinavian brands and find constant inspiration and sources on the wonderful world of instagram! I love Ferm Living for Interior pieces but my ultimate dream store to shop in would be BIGENBELG in Amsterdam. They have amazing pieces from great designers and I’m pretty sure if I lived in Amsterdam, I would spend a LOT of our money there!
(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Source List:

  • Wall Paint: Valspar- Electric Clementine, Pantone Cockatoo, Bonjour Yellow
  • Mickey & Minnie Lamp: Vintage (from my childhood bedroom)
  • Bed: IKEA KURA (with little help from the pinterest IKEAhackers!)
  • Bedding: IKEA and Sainsburys
  • Cushions (Various) : Thief & Bandit, Urban Outfitters, IKEA and handmade by my lovely friend Hannah
  • Large Turquoise Rug: Next
  • Light Fixture and Shade: HABITAT
  • Large white chest: IKEA
  • Circus: DJANGO (bought from an amazing kids store in Majorca)
  • LION Print: INGELA P ARRHENIUS from mollymeg.com
  • LOVE YOU TINY MAN Print: eyilove.com
  • J (Judah) Print: eyilove.com
  • Wooden Chest: Vintage (from a generous Glaswegian house clearance)
  • Cloud Hanger: cissywears.com
  • TOYS paper storage bag: cissywears.com
  • Valet (clothes) stand: IKEA
  • Crocodile Jacket: Mini Rodini at rowdyroddyvintage.com
  • Leggings: Mini Rodini and Thief & Bandit
  • Alphabet Print: eyilove.com
  • Market Stand: IKEA (hack)
  • Toys: A selection of wooden toys from whitespacekids.com and some vintage fisher price
  • Judah (name print): eyilove.com
  • Large built in wardrobes: Homemade with Chalkboard paint and lots of FUN!

Thanks, Lorna!


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