Jugglezine Juggles Clutter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like a psychological colonic. Jugglezine is the “unassuming” e-zine put out by Herman Miller, and which we just got tipped off to. Like Herman Miller’s products, it is a beautifully put together piece of work, and it features a great story this week, Long Day’s Journey Into Junk, in which Todd Pittock tells of facing down all the clutter he and his wife had collected in their basement over the years.

Describing oh-so-accurately how hard it is, as well as the many thoughts had while trying to “lighten up” ones material wealth/belongings/clutter, he also tells of Richard Lyntton, an anti-clutter expert, who gathered his expertise from “five years of sharing space with fellow soldiers in Her Majesty’s tank corp. ‘When you’re in such a confined space, it forces you to consider what you truly need,’ he says.”

This is a good read, and Jugglezine is a great new resource for us. (Thanks, Patrick!) (art: Cairns) MGR