Juggling Lessons: For the Overcommitted

Juggling Lessons: For the Overcommitted

Kim Lucian
Jun 23, 2014
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

This month has been a blur, what with a seasonal spike in my business, my apartment being under seemingly constant construction, and my wedding a month away. (Please don't ask if I'm ready, I'm not.) I looked around the other day and realized a. my suitcase had not been unpacked, a full week after a trip and b. my apartment is a mess!

While I know that at certain times we just have to let things slide and focus on the task at hand, this is starting to feel like finals week in college, complete with messy topknots (not the cute, Pintrest-y kind) and piles of clothes on the floor. Here is how I plan to deal. Like an adult.

1. Get up, get dressed, get to the task at hand. One way to end up walking around with perma-bedhead is to grab the laptop and dig in right away. Pull yourself together before you get started or it probably won't happen.

2. Take a time out to create a clean, organized workspace for yourself. You'll actually save yourself time later when you are looking for a particular top for that job and it's not still shoved in a suitcase. Just don't go overboard — if you're a procrastinator it can be tempting to throw yourself into a deep cleaning session.

3. Make a list, divide it up, and then prioritize. Start out by writing down absolutely everything that comes to mind, then create categories or a timeline and organize your list. Once that is complete, rank your tasks from priority level 1-3: needs to happen, should happen, you would like it to happen.

4. Take a deep breath and start working your way through that list.

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