Julia's Cure Project: The Big Closet Clean Out & Makeover

Julia's Cure Project: The Big Closet Clean Out & Makeover

Julia Brenner
Jan 8, 2014
(Image credit: Julia Brenner under CC BY 2.0)

You guys, this picture is not the easiest for me to show you, both logistically — because it’s in a narrow hall with no natural light — and because it’s not exactly a source of pride for me (I'm cringing as I look at it). I couldn't quite muster the nerve to broadcast a full frontal, but I think you get the gist. It's gotten very Grey Gardens in there or maybe it's more Sanford & Son. Either way, I'm in for a long afternoon.

Ok, first things first: since this is a Cure project, instead of just diving in and hauling stuff out, I really tried to think about how it got this way. Contrary to photographic evidence, I’m not a hoarder. In fact, I toss stuff out and donate with the best of them. We've also cleaned this closet out multiple times, but clearly we're not doing something right because, well, that photo pretty much sums it up. After thinking about it, the source of our closet problem is twofold: 1) No storage system is in place to keep things organized. Since we don't have a basement or garage, this closet is our primary storage closet, so we need a system. 2) I have this little mantra that goes something like, ‘when in doubt, stick it in the closet’. And stick I have. Now I'm stuck with a non-functional closet. Funny how that works. Re-doing this closet is going to involve a bags-and-boxes wrestling match before we can start the fun part, the closet makeover. It’s all going down this weekend. Sunday Sunday Sunday, to be exact.

To figure out a more long-lasting overhaul this time, I've rounded up inspiration from here at Apartment Therapy and from around the web. If your Cure involves tackling closets, hopefully you’ll find some useful information in the following ideas, a veritable treasure trove of what’s possible with bins and labels. My mantra for 2014 = the way of the labelled bins.

(Image credit: DaNita)

This before & after from DaNita at Delightful Order is a pretty close approximation of my goals for the closet. Very straightforward and doable.

(Image credit: Real Simple)

This is another great "After" photo of an organized closet from Real Simple. I like the functionality and attractiveness of it. This is part of a "Design Your Dream Closet" series that has lots of inspiring photos and ideas.

(Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

This is a craft storage closet example from Better Homes and Gardens. The use of a shelving unit has me researching options for our needs, which I'll report back on when I have more info. I do like that this is pretty, organized, and functional. I'd be happy with one out of three!

Closet Organizing on Apartment Therapy (I tried to focus on closets that aren't clothing specific):


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