You and a Guest Can Win a Night In Juliet’s Medieval House—Balcony and All—for Valentine’s Day

updated Jan 21, 2020
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Credit: Airbnb
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In the Shakespearean tale of “Romeo and Juliet,” one of the most memorable scenes is when Juliet steps out onto her balcony and beckons for Romeo. While the tale is fictional, there is a public building in Verona, Italy, that resembles the medieval abode where Juliet slumbered—and Airbnb is gifting a lucky winner to stay there on Valentine’s Day.  

Airbnb just released the news that the Italy-based house will be up for grabs for the night on February 14, 2020. Referred to as Casa di Giulietta in Italian, the Gothic-styled building does date back to the 13th century and is filled with Renaissance-era objects, so it feels as though you’ve gone back in time. The winner (and whoever they choose to bring along) will have access to the thematic bedroom and washroom for one evening, plus surprises here and there.

The sleeping quarters, also referred to as “Juliet’s bedroom,” is complete with the original bed that appeared in Franco Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet” version that debuted in 1968. The exposed brick walls, wooden touches, and floral decorations also contributes to the overall charm. And, of course, you’ll have access to the balcony where so many visitors come to feel like Juliet, looking for her star-crossed lover. An added bonus: You’ll be treated to a Valentine’s Day dinner cooked by 2 Michelin star chef Giancarlo Perbellini, sharing the secrets of his dishes along the way. 

Another special component to the stay revolves around the decades-old tradition of letters that are sent to Casa di Giulietta. People from all around the globe send love letters to Juliet for whatever reason their heart desires, and a volunteering group called Juliet’s Club work to respond to them. So as a temporary resident of Juliet’s home, you’ll get the opportunity to pen responses to some of these letters that we can only imagine are touching. 

If you’re interested in throwing your pen onto the paper and applying, a few details to keep in mind: you must be a resident of one of the countries listed on their rules page to be eligible. Also, as Juliet’s House is a historic building, it is not wheelchair accessible. A basic bathroom with one toilet and washroom is onsite, but the winner will also be granted a nearby Airbnb property with full bathroom facilities to use before and after the stay. For all other rules, see the official rules here

So clean off the old ink pen and fill up your bottle, because you’ve got an application letter to write (kidding, it’s digital!). You have until February 2, 2020, to enter for a chance to win. And then, the rest is history.