July is for Pets!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

July by
Usually this is the time of year when we start becoming nostalgic for east coast summers, for hot weather and lobsters and Adirondack chairs…

This year that feeling is a little less present. Maybe it’s the uncharacteristically glorious July weather we’re having, which made it possible to spend almost the whole weekend outdoors. Or maybe it’s the open house we went to, for a small house with swimming pool ($1.3 million) in the heart of the city. (Many curiosity seekers, few buyers.)

Other curiosities we saw this weekend included a wooly mammoth of a long-haired dog, huffing and puffing up a sunny hill on GG Park, trailing forlornly after its person. Poor thing (the dog) looked like it had just come off a train from outer Mongolia. We wanted to stop the guy and beg him to trim his animal. Or else ask him how he deals with what must be a constant shedding problem.

Summer’s often a quiet time for new endeavors, but ours is getting noisier. We love hearing from you, so keep sending us the good tips, pet-related or otherwise!