July is Hot! (and it’s also Pet Month….)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

July is flying by. It’s feels like it’s on fast forward and someone definitely turned up the heat. What’s your plan when a heat wave hits?

We’d like to say we are in the zen-like camp, but we generally go for the AC and an icy beverage or two.

When it gets this hot, our Pug wants to go out as usual but then only makes it to the first shady spot (about 3 feet from the front door) and goes on strike. She looks at us with “It’s just too hot for the regular jaunt up the alley” in her eyes. We coax her along, but understand where she’s coming from.

We’d like you to use this thread for ideas/tips/suggestions on how you keep yourself (and fellow humans), your home, and your pets happy, healthy, and cool when it hits 100.

And, if you’ve come up with an inspired pet-cooling contraption, send it in….we’re still taking entries in our Pet Contest…