July is Pet Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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The incredible streak of summery weather continued this weekend and we tried our best to be out and about enjoying it, but instead spent a good deal of time indoors. The
door project’s on temporary hold while we prepare to have our floors resanded.

We’ve been thrilled by the response to our first house tour and hope more of you will volunteer for a little AT:SF show and tell. Don’t worry, we can turn comments off if you’d prefer not to hear what everyone thinks of your abode, so no fears! Email us if you’re interested.

Also: results in from our pet poll!

This very scientific survey , conducted last week, revealed that most of you do in fact live with pets. We also uncovered exactly what peeves you about it. We’ll continue to post solutions (more cat than dog, as the poll instructed) for the rest of July, so keep sending in your great ideas!

And if you’re planning on entering the Pet Decor Contest, we’re extending our deadline another week. (We’re also looking into more animal-generic prize options, for those of you with cats, bunnies, fish or reptiles.) Think about all the glee you’ll spread by sharing that amazing paw-activated murphy litter box you installed in your bathroom!