June is Gardening Month

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love the way Emily’s drawings for our Monday posts build slowly over the course of four weeks. They reflect the way we try (with your help) to build as complete a picture as possible of our monthly theme, every day accumulating resources and tips to create the full picture by month’s end.

We’re about halfway through June now, and our gardening theme is beginning to have contour and color.

We’ve covered tools, sources, furnishings and accessories for small urban gardeners, and we’ve highlighted some of your gardens through the Greenest Thumb Contest. We’ll continue to blog gardens and gardening this week, adding ideas and resources for indoor gardening as well. Tip us if you know of something special.

Other things we’re thinking about right now include throwing a launch party for our Bay Area readers. Maxwell will be flying in from NY for the event, so we have our guest of honor in place. Now all we need is a time and place. In Chicago they gathered at their local DWR. Where would you like to gather here in SF?

Also: we’re always looking for homes to profile in AT-SF house tours. Are you a fresh decorating talent looking for a place to show off? Or do you know someone who did a great renovation on their apartment? Maybe you DIY’ed your own living room and are ready for some appreciation from someone besides the cat. Send us an email and let us know!