“Just Buy It and Throw It Away!”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s another one for the manufactured garbage file. Boy, things like this sure make us cranky.

Suspecting a racoon invasion in the crawlspace, but having only the dimmest of flashlights, we picked up a new battery at Lowe’s while shopping for a few other house maintenance things. We’d just put the $3.99 battery in our cart when an employee literally came running at us.

Lowe’s employee: “Wait! You can get a set with that battery and a flashlight for the same price.”

Us: “But we already have a flashlight.”

Lowe’s employee: “Well, just buy it and throw it away.”

Us: “Um, but we already have a flashlight.”

(befuddled look from Lowe’s employee)

The sad thing? We feel like we got ripped off. After all, for $3.99, we could have had a new battery
and a new flashlight.