Just Say No To Owner’s Manuals

updated Feb 20, 2019
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112608atlamanuals01.jpgMost of our clients hold onto paperwork they think they’ll need someday. Usually those pieces of paper come in the form of owner’s manuals stuffed into filing cabinets. We didn’t realize that pretty much everyone holds onto these cumbersome guides until we held our organizing bootcamp last weekend. We’ve come up with a couple of solutions on how to handle the paper load after the jump.

We say toss owner’s manuals because most products currently produced provide the instructions online. You’ll want to go to the companies website to see if the manual exists electronically and download a pdf version for records. By getting rid of these super thick booklets, you’ll end up saving tons of room in your filing cabinet (which will allow for easier filing in the long run).
If we can’t make you part with your owner’s manuals you’ll need the proper place to store them. Because they take up a lot of room, they should be filed in a binder (in clear plastic sleeves) or in a box out of sight.
How about you? Have you found it necessary to hang onto your owner’s manuals or have you always recycled them promptly?

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