K & M’s Colorful Handmade Shared Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Kennedy (almost 4) and Baby (still in the oven)
Location: Springfield, MO
Color Inspiration: I began decorating this shared room with a blank canvas, the white walls. I also chose white furniture with the exception of the restored vintage armoire, my favorite element. The rest of colors in this room are from the quilt I made for the twin bed. Every detail is tied back to this quilt.

Tip for Using Color: The room boasts details in the 7 colors I love and I carried these colors in different shades. I wanted something handmade, pleasing, and unpredictable. Something that is easy to add on and take away as they grow. A room that is made with love and has meaningful details on display.

Colors Used: Various sades of Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.

Thanks for your colorful entry Nathalie and good luck!

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