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Kacey Musgraves’ Bathroom Fixture Gives Her Total Layout Freedom

published Nov 10, 2021
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Credit: Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Bath-obsessed readers, listen up. Kacey Musgraves just set a new standard that will become a mainstay on Pinterest dream boards everywhere. The Grammy winner recently gave fans a peek inside her cottage-style bathroom via Instagram Stories, and it was hard not to notice her soaking tub and the incredible tub filler that proudly stands next to it.

Although Musgraves has standard wall-mounted hot-and-cold faucets in her bathtub alcove, she opted for a freestanding tub filler that sits in front of the tub, which makes for an uncomplicated, super clean-looking bathtub setup. (She also has a matching faucet for her sink.)

Credit: @spaceykacey

And because this bathtub filler is plumbed through the floor, in theory, it can literally go anywhere.

So, if you’re into the idea of streamlining your bathroom faucets (or putting your tub in the middle of the room), there are actually a bunch of similar tub fillers out there similar to Musgraves’.

This one from Overstock comes with the a faucet and sprayer, so you can completely detach your tub from the wall.

And this one from Overstock features an even cleaner silhouette with super sleek water supply line knobs on the lefthand side.

If you’re planning a master bathroom makeover, definitely take Musgraves’ bathtub layout into consideration. Of course, you’ll have to work with a plumber to make sure your ideas can come to fruition, but the main Musgraves takeaway should be that you don’t have to have your tub up against the wall anymore.

Imaginations — run wild.