Kaldewei Bathtubs: Sustainable German Construction

Kaldewei Bathtubs: Sustainable German Construction

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Mar 2, 2010

Kaldewei is the first manufacturer of baths to be certified under the German Quality Seal for Sustainable Building, a governmental certification (and more stringent than LEED, some would say). All of Kaldewei's baths and shower trays are made of steel enamel 3.5 millimetre manufactured from 100% natural raw materials that are completely recyclable.

More about Kaldewei:

"Kaldewei, Europe's No. 1 for baths, is the first manufacturer of baths to be certified under the German Quality Seal for Sustainable Building, a governmental certification. The new certificate opens up the possibility of the holistic balancing of construction projects from the sustainability point of view, in contrast to the previously rather vague labeling of buildings as "low energy house" or "CO2 neutral." It reviews not only the energy consumption which stems from the use of the building, but also the consumption of resources and energy that go into the production of the building materials. Materials must be certified in accordance with the IBU (German Institute Construction and Environment IBU e.V.) ISO 14025 Environmental Declaration, which looks at their durability, environmental and pollution effects, maintenance requirements, ability to be deconstructed, and recycling processes. The building materials are also ranked on their contribution to the lifecycle of the building.

Kaldewei Conoduo Panel Tub
Kaldewei is the first European manufacturer of baths to be certified under the IBU Kaldewei, supplier of high-quality designer bathtubs and shower trays, is the first German and European company in the sanitary sector to have undergone the extensive analytical process and obtained a corresponding IBU Environmental Declaration for its products. All baths and shower trays in Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 millimetre are manufactured 100 percent from natural raw materials. The German company guarantees all its baths and shower trays for 30 years, limiting the energy wasted in replacing materials that have worn out, an aspect which is equally important for sustainability and cost considerations. And what's more: Kaldewei products can be 100 percent recycled at the end of their service life. This recycling process does not require the further separation of steel and enamel, so that the down-cycling required for many other materials can be avoided. Kaldewei baths and shower trays will be directly re-used as raw materials for steel production again at the end of their product life cycle.
A comparison of a Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 millimetre bath or shower tray with an average acrylic bath again emphasizes the exemplary environmental balance sheet of steel enamel. When you compare key characteristics such as consumption of primary energy, contribution to the greenhouse effect and acidification, it is clear that steel enamel has significant advantages over acrylic material from a sustainability point of view.

Kaldewei Grando Duo Tub
This is not a new development: Kaldewei has been consistently following the path of ecological sustainability for the last 90 years... Moreover, the appearance and functionality of the baths continue to meet the highest demands during the long period between manufacture and disposal. Designed in collaboration with the most renowned design studios in the world, they can put up with a lot, are easy to clean and guaranteed to retain their looks for many years. It is with good reason that Kaldewei gives a 30-year guarantee on all models—an aspect of equally high importance from both a sustainability and a cost point of view. When it comes to maintenance, their easy-clean finish allows water, dirt and particles of limescale to simply run off the surface of the bath, eliminating the need for harmful cleaning agents. A moist cloth is all that is needed to restore the original shine."

See more at Kaldewei's website. Their USA distribution is based in Indiana. Here is the contact info:

Kaldewei USA Inc.
14074 Trade Center Drive
Suite 141
Fishers, IN 46038
United States
Tel: +1 317 774 3226
Fax: +1 866 543 6719

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