Kamifusen: Japanese Paper Balloons

We wrote about Japanese paper balloons previously, before we knew they were called kamifusen. I’ve always bought as many of these as I can giving them as small favors, using them as party decor, and hanging them as a mobile in my childrens’ rooms.

I hesitated to write more about them because I couldn’t find a good online source for these Japanese paper balloons (I always purchased mine at the museum gift shop for the Sackler Gallery here in D.C.) until Marisa wrote in to tell us about her shop Omiyage. Omiyage sells these delightful kamifusen in shapes of elephants, tigers, monkeys, pandas and goldfish. Kamifusen are made of waxed paper, come flat and are easily blown up.

Ours have lasted years and would have lasted longer if I didn’t give them to the kids to swat around. You can order a variety of kamifusen at Omiyage and check out their other fun Japanese goodies.

(Images: Omiyage)