Kamil Kurka Kavovar Coffee Machine: From the Enterprise to Your Kitchen

Kamil Kurka Kavovar Coffee Machine: From the Enterprise to Your Kitchen

Range Govindan
May 18, 2009

Most mornings, I just teeter and totter through my routines. The thing that really wakes me up is my cup of coffee and/or my morning shower. Without either of these two, I wouldn't be properly awake until much later in the morning. Like most of us, I have a slight caffeine addiction. Last year it was a lot worse. This year, I've limited myself to one cup a day at home. Sometimes I drink two. When you love coffee, it's nice to have a nice coffee machine at home so that you can make your coffee the way that you like.

I love having great coffee machines. Sure, if I'd have enough cash, I'd get an espresso machine, but just a plain old nice looking coffee machine is also pretty good. This coffee machine was designed by Kamil Kurka and it looks like it could belong on the starship Enterprise, because it looks like it came from the future. It has a myriad of different options, from how hot you want your water and how much coffee you would like to make. I also spotted a dial which sets the amount of froth you want in your coffee. It's a lot more precise that my usual morning routine. The only downside is that this coffee machine can only brew one cup at a time. Still, with looks like these, people won't mind brewing a second cup.

We hope to see this incredible looking coffee machine on shelves pretty soon. It would be perfect for some households, and not perfect for others. The simple fact that you can only brew one cup at a time makes it kind of ludicrous to have when you live with your partner and/or other members of your family. It screams bachelor pad to me, but it might work well if it doesn't take too long to brew each cup. Also, it looks like this machine will only accept coffee capsules, these little micro-jars containing a fixed amount of ground coffee. This means that you won't be able to enjoy your favorite coffee with this machine, only the select ones available in capsules. Still, it looks great. [via DVice, images by Kamil Kurka]

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