Karin & Jeff's Bathroom: Plumbing Disaster + Betrayal

Karin & Jeff's Bathroom: Plumbing Disaster + Betrayal

Tess Wilson
Aug 21, 2015
The faulty piece. Boo.

Name: Karin and Jeff
Type of Project: Main Bathroom Remodel
Type of Home: Single-family home built in 1967
Square Footage: 1,800
Years Lived In: 2.5

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Please join me in cursing this faithless elbow, this traitorous piece of corroded iron (corroded by betrayal!), that necessitated a gaping hole be cut in Karin's brand-new beautifully sanded and painted drywall. We shan't forget, elbow...

The sink and toilet installed amidst the mess.

From Karin:

Last week I mentioned not wanting to jinx things, but predicted we'd be done right on time. Well... this week, disaster struck. My dad helped me hook up the sink drain and then we installed the flange and toilet (this is the 3rd toilet I've installed, so it's a relative piece of cake as long as the seal is tight).
A bad cell phone picture of the disaster zone in the garage.
The next morning Jeff was in the garage and a drop of water fell on him; he looked up, and the old water stains on the ceiling from an old toilet leak were wet. My first thought was the wax ring was leaking. After some investigation, it was determined the elbow inside the wall supplying the toilet was the culprit.
New elbow soldered on - watertight!
That night, Jeff and my brother cut a hole in my beautifully finished drywall to reveal that the old elbow was so corroded and had cracked when I installed the supply pipe. Luckily, the closest home improvement store was still open, so Jeff made a quick run to pick up a new elbow and welded it on. Crisis solved, although there is still a giant hole in the wall. We need to add a new piece of blocking behind so I can get the wall patched up and hook up the toilet again.
Tiling, tiling, tiling.
Almost there.
DONE! So happy.
Aside from that ordeal, I spent most of the week finishing up the tub surround tile. Once I took down the ledger boards, I patched the screw holes and caulked the gap between the tub and cement board to make it waterproof.
I'm pretty proud of that curved cut.
First time filling up the new tub!
I read that the tub should be filled with water prior to caulking to make ensure a good seal. For the first time since we installed the new tub plumbing, I turned on the water - it was so exciting to see running water pouring into the new tub! I am so pleased the tiling is finished and the red walls are gone - on to grouting!

Aside from the wall repair, we have the trim to install and need to paint the new door - so close!

Estimated time for project: 7 weeks

Time remaining: 1 week

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(Images and diary text: Karin and Jeff)

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