Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: The Final Budget Breakdown

Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: The Final Budget Breakdown

Tess Wilson
Sep 9, 2015

Name: Karin and Jeff
Type of Project: Main Bathroom Remodel
Type of Home: Single-family home built in 1967
Square Footage: 1,800
Years Lived In: 2.5

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Karin and Jeff finished their total bathroom renovation on time— amazing!— but did they also get the job done on budget? Or even under budget?!?

Budget Breakdown:

Pizza & Beer, $50 (We actually consumed relatively little pizza and beer for a project of this scope!)

Design/Permit Fees: $0



Sink faucet, $54
Tub, $274
Shower fixtures, $195
Mixing valve, $75
Toilet, $190
Exhaust fan, $0 (fixed up existing fan)

Cabinets and Countertops:

Vanity cabinet/countertop/integrated sink, $515

Tile, $0 (had plenty leftover from another project)
Ditra underlayment, $90
Shower tile, $221
Paint, $0
Trim, $27
Medicine cabinet/mirror, $225
Other Building Materials:
Framing closet + new door, $90
Closet shelving, $42
Electrical, $44
Plumbing, $93
Drain/stopper for tub, $27
Sheetrock, $46
Joint compound, $12
Cement board, $48
Liquid waterproofing membrane, $54
Grout and thinset, $46*
Bagster & disposal, $136
Misc. supplies (caulk, fasteners, tape, etc.). $186*
New subfloor: $112*
New heat run: $22*
Bathroom accessories (towel bar, shower curtain rod, etc.): $75*
Vanity light: $14*
Door knob: $13*

*Special note: I had $115 in rebates at one store from previous purchases and $280 in gift cards earned with credit card points that I used for bathroom supplies. I'm not sure if I get to include those in the overall budget or not...
Estimated Budget: $3,550
Total Final Budget: $2,976 ($2,581 with rebates/gift cards)

From Karin:

Obviously, plumbing and electrical came out to be more than anticipated. I was thinking since we weren't moving any plumbing that costs would be minimal, but I forgot about how relatively expensive shut-off valves are compared to the rest of the plumbing requirements (and we needed 5 of them!).

We also made the decision to stick with a single sink basin versus a double, once we saw the sink tops in person. For our needs right now, counter space seemed like a higher priority than two sinks. If we ever do need two sinks in the room, it will be relatively easy to swap out, but I think we made the right decision for the space.

(Images and diary text: Karin and Jeff)

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