Kate Hudson Is Just Like Us – She Loves to Chill and Watch House Hunters

published May 27, 2018
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HGTV is a blessing and a curse. It has some of the best home design, renovation, and remodeling programs on TV, but it is also addictive. You can watch 10 episodes of Fixer Upper back to back and not even realize what happened. And when it comes to House Hunters? You’ll binge an entire season and demand more.

House Hunters is the best because you get to yell at the TV while looking at pretty houses. The couples who go on House Hunters always have some ridiculous thing they’re looking for within a tight budget. Or, they get hung up on things that can be changed very easily.

You can’t live in the city and expect yard space. If you live in the suburbs, your commute is going to be long! Don’t even get us started on the couples who complain about the color of paint chosen. That has to be the easiest thing to change in a home!

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Us regular folks love House Hunters so much, but we’re not alone. Actress and athleisure creator Kate Hudson also is a big fan of the show!

While speaking with The Cut, Kate talked about her very busy schedule and how she manages to get everything done. Apparently, that involves House Hunters!

One of the final questions she was asked was how she likes to wind down at the end of the day. Kate said:

Relaxing is really easy for me. Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting with my girlfriends. Sometimes that’s what I need, you know what I mean? To just relax. Then of course, meditation. Meditation is not necessarily about relaxing as much as it allows for the ability to relax, to really let go. My real relaxing is, “Ugh, I just want to be in bed.” I want my whole family there. I want to just watch House Hunters International or something.

Us too Kate, us too.

H/T: The Cut