Tips for Keeping Clean While You Eat at Your Desk

Tips for Keeping Clean While You Eat at Your Desk

Taryn Williford
Jul 13, 2012

Yeah, yeah... we know. Eating at your home office desk is a bad idea. But sometimes — whether you have too much to do, or if you just want to enjoy lunch while you stream a movie — it can be neccessary. Here are some tips to keep clean and do it the smart way.

Before you dig in at your desk, try one of these strategies to keep clean (and avoid gross-out-worthy crumbs between the computer keys):

• Eat greasy snacks like potato chips with chopsticks to avoid getting grease on your keyboard and mouse.

• If you already have greasy fingers, lay a napkin or paper towel over your computer's trackpad— it will still register your touch through the napkin.

• Keep drinks in cups with lids, and not within 1 foot of your mousing hand — that's just a spill waiting to happen.

• To avoid crumbs between the keys, cover your keyboard with a silicon skin (like these for Apple and Sony products), or this keyboard napkin.

• Cover the area where you plan to eat with a placemat. It will catch any wayward crumbs or spills for easy clean-up.

• Throw food trash away in the kitchen to avoid lingering odors, especially if you don't frequently have to empty your office trash bin (and especially especially if you don't have one).

Bonus home-office-eating tip: You can use your office supplies as a benchmark to gauge portion sizes, according to Self magazine. A computer mouse is about the size your baked potato, rice or pasta serving should be, a thumb drive is about the size of an ounce of cheese, and your pencil holder should fit about 1 serving of cereal, pretzels or other snacks. Check out the rest of Self's office eating portion-control tips right here.

Do you have any tips for staying clean when you eat at your desk?

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