Keep Lightbulb and Battery Packages for Easy Storage

Keep Lightbulb and Battery Packages for Easy Storage

Taryn Williford
Aug 31, 2010

Some people call it cheap, but we call it being green: We keep gently-used batteries around to live out their lives in a remote control or phone handset (Even half the juice can still produce!). And after we'd upgraded some of our table lamps to CFL bulbs, we kept the still-good incandescents (for that moment when the bedroom light flickers out at midnight). But being a cheap—ahem, green—packrat has taught us how to most efficiently store these odd-shaped accessories.

When you're green-minded like us, it's easy to wind up with a drawer (or freezer!) full of batteries. A loose pile with no distinction as to which batteries are brand new, which are half-used, and which are just the emergency flashlight batteries (kept outside the flashlight to avoid premature corrosion).

So for our dear readers' benefit, we've conducted several informal studies (a.k.a. years of our own at-home trial and error) on the best way to store and label odd-shaped tech necessities like light bulbs and batteries.

The verdict? Just keep the packaging.

Manufacturers and distributors spend tons of money on research and development of not only their products, but also the products packaging. So it's not a huge surprise that the box your light bulbs came inside is also going to the be the best for storing them in the closet.

Just make sure to grab a Sharpie and label each box as either "cheapo stash" or "new."

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