Organize Manuals and Installation Discs in a Binder

Organize Manuals and Installation Discs in a Binder

Sonia Zjawinski
Jul 23, 2010

Benita Larsson of the blog, Chez Larsson, is an organizing genius. Take a look inside her home office and you'll be filled with inspirational ways to tackle the clutter in your home without making it look like a Stapes commercial. She recently posted about how she and her family keep track of all the manuals, installation discs, and warranties for all the gadgets in their home and we're inspired to take that idea and implement it in our own home!

Benita uses a binder and plastic inserts to keep track of everything technical in the house. Each gadget or appliance has its own labeled sleeve that holds instruction manuals, installation discs, warranty info, and even papers with passwords jotted down. A piece of cardboard is placed at the back of the sleeve to make turning the sleeves easier.

"I make sure to get rid of any manuals that aren't in either Swedish or English and for those fat multi-language ones I simply tear out the section I'm interested in so I don't have to flip through Dutch, Norwegian and Finnish in order to find the info I'm looking for," Benita writes on her blog. "To make sure it doesn't come apart I staple the spine. Not the most attractive solution but it works."

We're of the mindset that, these days, gadgets and appliances really shouldn't be packed with tree killing manuals and landfill bound installation discs. Everything you need can and should be available online. Obviously things like routers and modems should still come with some type of installation documentation since you can't get online until those things are set up, but for everything else, we'd like to see manufacturers ditch the old way of doing things and go totally digital.

That said, until manufacturers make changes you may as well archive what's boxed with your new gadget for safe keeping and we think Benita's solution is a great one. We'll be implementing it at our house over the weekend for sure.

Images: Chez Larsson

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