Keep or Toss? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're on the Fence

Keep or Toss? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're on the Fence

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 14, 2015

Are you facing the dreaded decision of trying to decide whether you should keep or toss (or donate/give away) a furniture piece, art piece, lamp or accessory in your home? These three questions to ask yourself might help take the turmoil of worrying about making the wrong decision down a notch.

Can something else fill its place?

Think about the reasons you're thinking about keeping the piece. Can the function you're thinking it can fill — hold objects you need, add a pop of color to a certain part of your home —be filled by anything else in your home you already have (and know you want to keep more). If yes, you can say goodbye to the piece in question a little easier.

Do I legit have room for it?

Does it in any way get in the way of traffic flow? Encroach on the space of something else you definitely need? Take the place of something you'd rather be using more? Just feel too big for the space it occupies? If yes to any of these questions, you might legitimately not have room for it, and can toss (or donate or give it away) with a little more peace of mind.

Does it excite me or feel like an obligation?

Do you feel like you have to keep the piece in question for some reason? Family heirloom? Your partner's favorite thing? Something you think you need for some reason or another? Obligation isn't a good reason for keeping something. But genuinely being excited or inspired by the look, feel or function of something is. Try to get to the bottom of your motivation for keeping the piece and you might find the reason you need to help you decide to keep or toss it.

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