Keep Tech Out of the Car During Cold Winter Weather

Keep Tech Out of the Car During Cold Winter Weather

Taryn Williford
Nov 28, 2011

How often does this scenario happen to you: You're on your way home from work or a late-night Starbucks study session with your laptop in tow, but you need to stop off to grab dinner or run an errand. You probably just leave your laptop in the trunk of your car, right? True, it's a good way to thwart walk-by thieves. But you could be risking your device's safety in another way.

The safe range for laptops is 50° to 95° Fahrenheit or 10° to 35° Celsius. For most of us, the winter months regularly dip way below that temperature. If your gear stays put inside the apartment,you don't have much to worry about—it's likely that you keep your thermostat set comfortably above that safe-range minimum for your own amenity.

But if you're out-and-about with your laptop, iPad or other tech on a regular basis, it's good to keep that safe range in mind. Although it's convenient, leaving your gear in the car or trunk during cold winter days definitely exposes it to temperatures outside the safe range. This could lead to permanent damage for your devices, like (literally) frozen hard drives and damage to screens, according to this winter gadget tips list from Geek Sugar.

To prevent any lasting damage, just be sure to keep your gear out of the cold car. If you've got your laptop with you and need to run an errand, take it with you. It's better for your gear and for your safety.

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(Images: Flickr member Highways Agency licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member kitsu licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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