Keep Your Consoles Safe With Guest Accounts

Keep Your Consoles Safe With Guest Accounts

Kevin Whipps
Nov 25, 2011

It's the holidays, and depending on if you're the host or not, there could be a bunch of well-intentioned young children running around your house, high on the marshmallow topping from your favorite sweet potato recipe. To calm them down, logic would say that you could just dump them in front of the TV, hand them a controller from your favorite console and let them have at it, right? Well you could, but what if they started playing one of your save points or characters and messed up your records? No one wants that, right? To solve the problem, start by creating guest accounts for your family, and then you'll be good to go.

Nintendo Wii: This one is pretty straightforward, and depending on the games you own, you may not even need to setup a guest account. Most Wii games have an option for multiple save points, making it easy for a kid to start fresh. But just in case, the first thing you want to do is start a new Mii by navigating to the Mii Channel on the home screen. Create the new Mii yourself, or have the kid do it themselves for fun. Then just make sure that Mii is logged in when playing a game, and you're covered.

Sony Playstation 3: Once you've powered up the console, log in under your regular username. Then navigate all the way to the left to the "Users" field, and select "Add New User." Just enter in the name, and then log out of your current user and into the new one. Easy peezy.

Microsoft XBox 360: After logging into the XBox dashboard, go to My XBox, then to your profile. Select it, then select "Switch Profile." You'll be presented with a few different options, including one to setup a new user. Select that, and walk through the steps by naming them and creating the avatar.

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