Weekend Projects

Keep Your Home Healthy & Happy All Year Long with Weekend Projects!

published Jan 23, 2016
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If you need a little nudge to keep your home in good shape, or just like doing things as a group to stay motivated, then sign up for Apartment Therapy’s Weekend Projects and know you aren’t alone! Each week we tackle small cleaning chores, organizing efforts, DIY projects and more. It’s not about filling up your Saturdays with mindless drudgery — hey, we all need time to relax and recharge — but sprinkling your energy throughout the year, getting lots of good stuff done at a natural, sensible, manageable pace. You’re making your space a nicer place to be, bit by bit!

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How Apartment Therapy Weekend Projects work:

Sign up for our weekly email and you’ll be the first to get the weekend’s assignment on Fridays.

The post will include all the info you need to get it done and you’ll have the entire weekend to tackle this project, along with the support of the rest of the group. Ask questions, give help, or just check in and chat in the comment threads. Each week you can either choose to work on the assignment we’ve sent you, tackle another project we’ve posted this year, or work on your own project!

Whatever you work on, share your progress with us and others by posting updates and photos on Instagram, Twitter and more with the hashtag #ATweekendproject.

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Remember: It’s Not About Perfection

It’s about improvement. It’s okay to skip a weekend if you’re busy or not feeling the assignment. Every little bit helps. Catch up on any you may have missed, or if you’re new to Weekend Projects, dive in wherever you want.

Here’s what others have to say about Weekend Projects:

I got most of the January Cure done, and am continuing to pick up little pieces here and there ….I’m excited to keep it going with the weekend cure(s).

I want to say “thank you” to AT for beginning these year-found weekend projects. I don’t always post, and I certainly don’t do them all, but I do enough of them, sometimes out of order, that it makes a real difference. Yesterday, I was motivated by a guest coming in the late afternoon so I vacuumed and dusted and picked up and cleaned and put away—and no matter how slow I am to get started I always feel so dang good(!) when it’s done. So thanks again for these.

This is an unabashed endorsement of the weekend cures. I love them. When the assignment doesn’t fit my situation, I just find something that works for me in the same ballpark. Or not. I love being a grownup.

Doing the January Cure for 3 years has my house doing pretty good. Love the idea of weekly tweaks. Besides I missed getting the emails. My inbox is lonely.

Sign up now for our once-a-week Weekend Projects program, starting in February: