Keeping it Simple in the Bedroom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we’ve mentioned a time or two before, though we’re not opposed to color in the bedroom, we prefer to leave the zestier ones for other rooms. We like a soft, relaxing bedroom to sleep in at night. And by the looks of a few we found in Apartment Therapy house tours, we’re not the only ones who treasure a little simplicity in our sleep space.

The thing about “simplicity” is it varies from person to person. This is a part of its beauty and charm. What’s simple to one person, is too cluttered for another. What’s calming and serene for someone, is a major bore for someone else. And so on and so on.

What we love about these eight bedrooms is the varying degrees of simplicity you find in each one and the different approaches each homeowner took to achieve it. Though you might lump all of these into a “simple” category, they all retain a remarkable amount of personality of the user and of the home. Some commonalities we see running through each room:

  • Don’t be afraid to leave the walls white
  • If you do bring in colors on the wall, keep the hue soft
  • Color’s welcome, but keep it in small doses
  • Bring in only the furniture you need
  • Choose one or two pieces of art that really speak to you to include
  • Bedding doesn’t have to be a complex system of duvets, shams and more

How do you keep your bedroom simple? Or do you prefer a loud, proud and bold bedroom to sleep in? Let us know!