Keeping Pets Happy During a Move

Keeping Pets Happy During a Move

Janel Laban
May 17, 2010

My family and I live with a (very) little Brussels Griffon, Beatrix. She's five pounds of pure love and affection and is an easy going dog...whose world got a bit shaken up when we moved into our new place about a week ago.

We didn't move far (just to a new unit in our same condo association), so lots of things about her life stayed the same, but our new space is very different in layout and scale - the ceiling height is much higher - and all of us (humans included) felt the effects of the general pandemonium that is part and parcel of packing, moving and unpacking on the other end.

She's been a trooper, but we've noticed a few things: she is barking a bit more when she hears passersby, she's eating a bit less and she's essentially been stuck to us like glue at all times. All understandable, and all getting closer to "back to normal" each day.

To help out in the process of her getting back to her relaxed self, we did a few very basic things to make her feel at home as quickly as possible:

1. Her food and water bowls were unpacked and set out first thing.
2. Ditto with her bin of toys.
3. We walked her a few extra times each day as we settled in to help acclimate her to the new route in and out of the building.
4. We've been bringing her along on any errands where dogs are welcome to reduce the amount of time alone at home.
5. We set up a favorite "naughty" spot for her to claim right away - she LOVED hopping in and sitting in the knitting basket shown in the top photo whenever it was left on the floor in our old place, which was a bit of a no-no. So, to help make her happy in this new home, we put a cushy towel inside and left it out in a prominent spot for her to claim, which has worked out really well. It's quickly become her spot in a new and unfamiliar space.

Please share any tips you have for keeping pets happy during a move with us in the comments below - both Beatrix and I thank you!

(Images: Janel Laban)

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