Keeping Your Computer Room Comfortably Cool

Keeping Your Computer Room Comfortably Cool

Jeff Heaton
Aug 9, 2011

The summer sun is bearing down upon us. Just opening the front door means a heavy wall of heat baking you like a potato. So we aren't too happy to escape the heat just to find our favorite gadgets pumping out the warm like tiny furnaces. In order to keep you from getting gadget-induced heat-stroke, here are our suggestions for keeping your computer room cool.

1. Clean out your gadgets
Computers are a dust bunny's favorite burrow. And far from cute, those tiny critters tend to make your computer inefficient and therefore hot. A can of compressed air can be had from any office supply store and it's all you need to blast away the dirt caked on the nooks and crannies of your PC. Gently lay the computer on its side and open the side panel. Grounding yourself on the frame is a good idea and so is keeping a bit back -- this process tends to stir up quite a lot of dust. Used the compressed air to clear out all the corners and especially the fans.

2. Use laptop cooling desks
Nothing gets us sweating like a 500 degree laptop sitting on our laps. We've covered various options for keeping these elevated and sometimes cool. Even a pillow between your and your muggy macbook can help.

3.Switch to more energy efficient bulbs
Every bit counts and if you can take some lightbulbs out of the heat equation it will create a noticeable difference in temperature. Compact fluorescence and especially LED lightbulbs are far more efficient than traditional filament-based ones.

4.Kill vampire energy
Have a lot of gadgets in a single room? Even if they're turned off many are still sucking energy and adding to your AC bill. Keeping electronics on a power strip, especially one that kicks off when not in use, is a great way to reduce the temperature of a room and save you money on power bills.

5. Sun shades/blinds/curtains
Unless you have plants it's unlikely you need to leave the blinds open when you leave the house. Installing sun shades or closing the blinds when you leave keeps the sun from baking your home while you're away. Even if you are home, sun shade material can provide light without the full blown tanning power of the sun.

(Fan image: comedy_nose licensed for use under Creative Commons); sink image: zoovroo licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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