Keeping Your Data Safe

Keeping Your Data Safe

Kevin Whipps
Jan 20, 2012

A good friend and I were having a conversation about our backup plans for our computers, and both of us had the same problem: No offsite backup. If there was some kind of fire, theft or vandalism in our home or office, we'd lose everything, with no chance of recovery. Even though neither of us wants to go the cloud route with our backups, it turns out there is an in-home option that really keeps things ... safe.

For my main computer, I have a USB drive that's constantly plugged in for hourly backups (named Hypnotoad), and once a week I plug in another drive that creates a bootable copy of the entire drive (that one is named Nibbler). Since I don't have a very convenient location to keep Nibbler, I decided that a safe was the best way to go. But not just any safe works, you need one that is rated for data protection, and you want one that will help you out if a fire or flood comes through as well.

Sentry has a Find Your Safe option on their website, which helped me make my choice. I wanted something small that could hold my passport and other docs, but it was mainly for Nibbler, that way I was covered.

What I ended up going with was a bit pricey, but it's the Sentry OA5835, which sells for around $450. The main reason was that with a growing family, I may need to expand my storage at some point, so upping the size wasn't a bad idea. Also, it bolts to the floor, which is ultimately the best kind of protection since no one can just up and take my safe.

Ultimately, you can never be too safe with your data. And even if you backup your computers religiously, you do need another form of redundancy that keeps your data intact in case of acts of nature or theft. It's just the smart thing to do.

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