Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

Range Govindan
Jan 25, 2011

It's true that if you are a console gamer, then you need to keep you gaming area tidy, as they can rapidly become very messy very quickly. The trick is to be consistent and clean up each and every time, otherwise the mess seems to grow on its own.

There are a few easy ways of keeping your gaming area nice and tidy. They involve boxes and/or baskets. These are easy ways of storing all of your console accessories and games. Lacquered boxes are simple to find and it can be a fun project trying to find the right box for the right console peripherals. Baskets are also an option, since they allow you to create organized shelves instead of cluttered ones.

1. Consider Glass Shelves While glass shelves are pretty, they are also quite transparent, meaning that you need to keep your gaming area spotless. The reason why we suggest this is that it's a good way of keeping your console cool, especially if it's parked on a glass shelf. When you put it on a wooden shelf, one with a closed back, you need to seriously consider how hot it will get. The Xbox 360 gets notoriously hot.

2. Home Entertainment Center With Doors While not all home entertainment centers come with doors, if your console paraphernalia is getting out of hand, then you can mount some on yours. If you're using an IKEA shelf, then you can probably hack some doors on.

3. Placing Your Console Behind Your HDTV This might not work in all cases, but you can probably partially obscure your console behind your HDTV. Most wireless controllers will work from behind these.

4. Boxes Dedicating a few boxes to store your console accessories will keep them nicely organized, without much of a fuss. The box itself doesn't need to have a system, but it can help to find things without effort.

5. Baskets Personally I'm not a fan of baskets, but my wife swears by them. They can stash many things and create order out of clutter. If they are stacked inside of shelves, this whole concept becomes even neater.

(Images: Flickr member Eston licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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