Keeping Your Precious Tech Dry In Torrential Downpours

Keeping Your Precious Tech Dry In Torrential Downpours

Range Govindan
Oct 25, 2010

When you lug around your tech daily, it's safe to say that at some point in time, you'll be carrying it while it rains. There are good ways and bad ways to keep your tech dry, and here are a few ideas that we've come up with that we've been using for a while. Read on to find out more.

We're currently weathering a typhoon in Taiwan, and this can get depressing, since day in and day out, it rains. Sometimes it won't stop for days. I usually carry around my DSLR, sometimes my laptop, depending on what I need to get done. Like many users, I'm always worried about my tech getting wet, but I've been using a system that works pretty well, no matter how wet you get.

First of all, my daily pack isn't waterproof. I do have a waterproof Arc'Teryx Acrux 40 pack, but it's not really well suited as a daily back because of the lack of pockets. Before we get into what I wear, you need to pack your tech carefully. And by this, I mean using plastic bags. Plastic bags will keep your laptop, your books, and everything else pretty dry if packed properly. It's kind of like going camping but with tech. For smaller tech items, Ziploc bags will also do nicely.

Then, there are these wrap-on covers for packs that aren't waterproof. They are pretty cheap and sort of make your pack waterproof-ish. It's not 100%, but it gets the job done in light to medium rain. For anything heavier, I usually put my pack underneath a large raincoat that I always wear on my scooter when it rains. Sure, it looks bulky, and won't look very cool, but on a scooter or a bike, it works well and keeps your pack bone dry. If all fails and you don't want to bulk up too much, then you can get these overpacks designed to pack non-waterproof packs for pretty cheap. They cost between $20-50 and will keep your tech really dry.

If you do manage to get your tech wet, you should let it dry out for a few hours, even a day or so would be prudent. There is a good change that your tech won't be damaged once it's been dried out. The important thing is not to switch on wet tech, because the electricity will create short circuits thanks to water.

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