Keith Haring Blik Wall Decals

Attention Keith Haring lovers, here is a collection of new wall decals carried exclusively by Blik. We have featured Blik’s graphic wall decals in the past and we love it as an alternative to paint or stencils. The decals are easily removable; therefore, you can feel free to be creative without the hesitation toward permanent wall treatments.

We see the graphic nature of the wall decals working really well in a creative space or a children’s room. It would be fun to purchase a few different graphics and create an original design. What is your favorite Keith Haring wall graphic?

Shown above, from left to right:

  • Untitled Heart – Includes 1 36″ x 45″ vinyl people with heart and glowlines and 1 22″ x 24″ vinyl heart fill: $55
  • Barking Dogs – Includes 3 22″ x 11″ dogs in black: $18
  • Robot DJ 84 – Includes 1 45″ x 35″ vinyl robot DJ: $50
  • Untitled Face – Includes 1 45″ x 47″ vinyl face: $50
  • Barking Dogs – Color – Includes 3 22″ x 11″ dogs (black line art with assorted color interiors): $23

(Images: Blik)