Kelly & Jef’s Outside Escape

Name: Kelly & Jef
Location: Claremont, California

We live in a Millard Sheets house in the tiny town of Claremont California. We moved into this tenement a little over a year ago. The yard and patio needed some work — we cut back some trees, cleaned up the yard. We tried to grow grass, but we have too much shade and just ended up with some really healthy weeds. I’ve tried to keep the outside cohesive with the area and the tenement.

Our home is a tri-plex built by Millard Sheets — not really apartments, not really little houses. The outside space of our home makes this the favorite place I have ever lived. I live all winter waiting for the weather to get warm enough (and dry enough) to sit outside and light the firepit. I’ve been known to try to sit outside under the awning in the rain and try to get the firepit going. The hoop chairs are a antique store find that I sanded and painted and restrung with parachute cord. I searched everywhere for a glider big enough to lay on and finally went back to the same booth we bought the hoop chairs at and bought the 6 foot vintage glider in the pictures. We will eventually have it sandblasted and powder coated. We’re thinking teal or robin’s egg blue.

Our outside table is actually an indoor table I got an amazing deal on at World Market. It molded and rotted the first winter (apparently you cannot just sit furniture outside) so I built a new top for it — I used treated lumber, so this winter should pose no risk. The chairs actually are our chairs to our indoor table, but they don’t fit in our new place which is a tiny 22½ x 25 feet if you measure the outside dimensions.

We both love Mid Century design and rustic natural elements and I try to stay somewhere in the middle when picking things for our outdoor space. My husband has a little bit of a gnome thing (you can see them in few photos), and I’ve been known to buy a few owl related items — but we try not to kitsch the place up too much.

If it is warm and comfortable and relaxing then I’m happy.

Thanks Kelly & Jef!

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