Kelly’s Lilac, Aqua & Brown Home Office

Name: Kelly
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Type of Home: single family colonial

Color Inspiration: As a wife, mom of three boys, and a color fanatic, I desperately wanted just one fancy-schmancy room in the house where I could work and create surrounded by my favorite colors: lavender, aqua and brown. My re-designed home office became that room. I love the cool, refreshing effect that lavender and aqua create. The chocolate brown adds a contemporary elegance and it anchors all of the colors, including the splashes of ‘funky’ orange that I added for extra energy and fun — I didn’t want my office to be too serious.

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Cool Urban Contemporary

Color Inspiration continued: I’ve always been amazed by the power of color and its ability to completely transform a space (and your mood). I’ve been very productive in my new, colorful office. Maybe even too productive…my husband has to drag me up to bed almost every night!

Colors Used: Rhapsody Lilac by Sherwin-Williams SW6828
Aquatint by Sherwin-Williams SW6936
Brevity Brown by Sherwin-Williams SW6068

Color Tip: Before selecting colors, take all of the color ‘rules’ you’ve ever heard about and throw them out the window. Now, choose the colors you really want. It doesn’t matter if your mother “doesn’t like it,” or your friend would “never use those colors together.” Color is personal. The hues you select should reflect your interests, personality, taste and experiences. If your color selections are meaningful to you, then you will love how your space turns out.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)