Kenneth Brown's Five Design Tips

Kenneth Brown's Five Design Tips

Grace Shu
Mar 26, 2010

This morning, I was greeted by two rather intriguing emails. One was a press release announcing Jennifer Love Hewitt's new dating advice book The Day I Shot Cupid; the other was from an interior design site touting advice tips from famed Hollywood designer Kenneth Brown. And while some would choose one over the other, I figured: Why not present both? After all, it's Friday: whether or not you spend your weekend improving your home or trying to find a special someone, at least you're covered. Well, sort of...

Tip #1
• Kenneth Brown: "Each room should have at least one unique piece that has a special meaning to you (even if it doesn't match the decor of the room)."

• Jennifer Love Hewitt says: (excerpted from her 20 Things to Do After a Breakup) "Make out with a stranger (he must be gorgeous or you'll feel worse)."

While we agree wholeheartedly with Brown, we're cautious on Hewitt's assessment. After polling the office, one sheepish AT writer admitted to getting mono from making out with a stranger. "I'd say that I definitely felt worse for about three months after The Incident; and I'm fairly sure he was gorgeous, but I did have an impressive pair of beer goggles on."

• • •

Tip #2
• Kenneth Brown: "If the pillows made for your sofa look better on your bed, switch them."

• Jennifer Love Hewitt: "Remember, your body is a temple, not a 7-Eleven."

As someone who mixes up throw pillows on the regular, I'd agree with Brown. And as someone who once relied on the 7-Eleven around the corner for late-night munchies, I'd also agree with Hewitt.

• • •

Tip #3
• Kenneth Brown: "When you can't find the right coffee table, switch your search to dining tables and cut the legs."

• Jennifer Love Hewitt: (excerpted from her list of What A Man Should Know): "'How to pick a diamond,' and 'To always have a coat for you.'"

Brown offers sage advice, encouraging us to be resourceful in our quest for that perfect piece of furniture. Hewitt offers plain craziness, although we're still debating over here whether or not we'd kick Ryan Gosling out of bed if he didn't have a spare coat perpetually on hand or if he didn't know the difference between an E grade versus a G grade diamond.

• • •

Tip #4

• Kenneth Brown: "Wallpaper the ceiling – it's the largest visible surface in the room."

• Jennifer Love Hewitt: "This is embarrassing and personal, but once a month, since I was twelve years old, I go to my favorite jewelry store and try on my dream ring."

We are calling foul: The general consensus around these parts say that wallpapering a ceiling would be one very difficult DIY project that may require scaffolding as well as three packs of Icy Hot Medicated Patches For The Back. As for Hewitt, I think NPR writer Linda Holmes put it best: "She is 31 years old. If this is true, she has made roughly 225 trips to the jewelry store to try on engagement rings. I do not know where to go with this."

• • •

Tip #5
• Kenneth Brown: "Buying green is great, but working with what you already have is even better."

• Jennifer Love Hewitt: (excerpted from her list of 10 Things To Do Before A Date): "Spray tan is a must."

We're all about using what you've already got, so kudos to Mr. Brown for pointing that out. However, there is an advantage to upgrading your old appliances to energy efficient ones. As for Hewitt's mandatory spray tan pre-date ritual, we'd say it's only necessary if you're fist-pumping on season 2 of Jersey Shore.

(Images: Kenneth Brown Design)

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