Key 2 Safe Driving Locks Up Your Phone Until You Park

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week, we mentioned our concerns with distracted drivers when we told you about our road-rage-inspired road trip game, “Guess the Gadget.” Commenter kambykitten said her super-commuting boss estimates that eight out of 10 bad drivers are on a cell phone. So what can we do to stop all this short of a “Get off your cell phone and drive!” sign as ‘kitten also suggested? How ’bout making Key 2 Safe Driving a standard in every new vehicle?

Even though some states have bans on texting while you drive or on using handheld phones in the car, it seems like most drivers ignore the restrictions and keep on clicking and chatting away.

Key 2 Safe Driving is a device that attaches to your key and configures with your cell phone via Bluetooth. When your key is in the ignition, your phone disables into “drive mode,” meaning that you can’t talk or text except to dial 911.

Through the Web site, you can configure different settings for different users through their specific keys. This allows adult drivers to be able to drive with a hands-free device, while keeping teens completely off the phone.

The other cool thing about the service is that incoming phone calls and text messages are auto-replied to with a standard “I am driving and will call you when I arrive at my destination” text message. You know, just to let all your friends and colleagues know what a responsible driver your are, or to make them think you just typed all that out. It’s an awesome feature, but we’ve got two gripes about that: Why couldn’t they have put “Auto-reply” somewhere in the text? And what if the person is calling you from a home or office phone that doesn’t receive text messages?

They’ve got a minute to iron out these kinks, as Key 2 Safe driving is not available yet. But you can let them know you’re interested and sign up for updates here.