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Khloe Kardashian Has a Workout Closet, And It’s a Sight to Behold

published Mar 3, 2018
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Everyone’s got an opinion on the Kardashian empire, but you’ve got to admit they know a thing or two about organization. And Khloe is the most meticulous of them all, keeping her closets and drawers (yes, plural) organized by color and item.

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“I don’t have a husband, so I have an extra closet all to myself,” Khloe says in her organizational video series, KHLO-C-D. (Yeah, not the most sensitive title ever.) In the video series on her website and app, Kardashian takes viewers inside her fitness closet. Highlighting a rainbow of high-end sneakers behind her, Khloe walks through her closet (which is probably bigger than your first apartment) and shows off the endless hangers of long sleeve workout shirts. She also organizes her leggings in order of length, with the prints separate from the solids.

“Every time I walk by I’m like, okay, motivated… should get my ass to the gym,” Khloe tells the camera.

If you want to be really amazed by the meticulousness, watch Khloe file through her jewelry collection like it’s nothing. Each pair of earrings is tucked into small plastic organizational boxes, with photographs of the piece taped to the front and back so she can easily identify them.

“I know what is in here just by the pictures!” she said.

She does the same for her sunglasses, which includes an entire case filled with color aviators, followed by another one for her brown and black aviators. Since she has over 200 pairs(!) of shades, Khloe ditched the bulky sunglasses cases and instead invested in $27 plastic boxes from Amazon. You hear that? Even Khloe Kardashian has Amazon impulse buys. Stars, they’re just like us!