Kids’ Safety Doors by KidTropolis

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love looking at KidTropolis’s imaginative fantasy kids’ rooms, even if they remain a fantasy for most of us. But the company also makes innovative, fanciful doors that can double as a safety gate or make the entrance to your child’s room an opening on a new world.

The concept for these doors is simple, but KidTropolis adapts it in a whole new way. They take a Dutch-door design, with separate top and bottom halves, and they insert a special, child-size door into the lower half. With sliding locks strategically placed, when the bottom is closed and the top is open, you have a custom-made, beautifully designed baby gate. And, when your child gets older, the door becomes an entrance to a castle, a garden, a pirate’s lair… or whatever imagination dreams up.

At just under $1000 to start, these doors are a bit pricey. But their sturdy construction (solid wood core birch) and adaptable uses could provide the special design element you’ve been looking for.

Available at KidTropolis Doors.