Kids Storage: Tucked Away Versus On Display

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to kids storage options, most ideas fall into one of two categories: 1. Hide It In Something, or 2. Contain It While Still In Sight. Storage comes in all forms and can be just about anything and we’re a little on the fence about the pros and cons of each one. Hear our ideas and share your thoughts after the jump.

There’s good and bad things that go along with each type of storage, let’s take the tucked away method first. Baskets, bins and boxes are all great things and keep a room streamlined visually. It doesn’t matter how things get tossed in, once they are pushed back or put back into place, no one will ever know. But the question is, will you ever find what you need again?

When it comes to open storage solutions, things like bookcases, open face boxes or shelves, even though your stuff is still contained, it’s obviously still on display for friends or company to see when they come over. We do love that it allows your child to visually see where each item gets returned to and helps them take ownership over their belongings.

Tell us which method you prefer and share your thoughts on storage methods, the pros and cons, in the comments below!