Kila Light: Ikea Borrows From NYC Talent

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cool beans. We found the Kila lamp almost a year ago at Ikea and bought it instantly for a client we were working with. Bright red with roller blade wheels on its tripod design, it was yet another example of original Ikea design at low prices. Our client said she didn’t like it and kidded us that it was such a “boy” impulse buy. But she kept it and now sings a different tune. It has grown on her, and for $15 didn’t set her back at all.

We were then pleasantly surprised to discover last week that Harry Allen, a New Yorker, had designed it. We thought that there was a large hot house up there in Sweden where Ikea designers all lived, fashioning new products day in and day out like Santa’s elves. Harry Allen works over on Avenue A and his design company has done everything from designing the Moss Store in Soho to picture frames for Umbra to residential interiors. Good for him. MGR