Kill Fingerprints Forever with a DIY Matte Finish

Kill Fingerprints Forever with a DIY Matte Finish

Taryn Williford
Sep 28, 2010

We love the look of glossy gadgets. But that sleek surface comes at a steep price when it's covering a hand-held device: fingerprints. Your oily little identifiers leave ugly smudges—making you wish you'd opted for the matte finish (if you even had a choice). Instead of wasting your time on wishes, grab a buffer pad and get rid of the glossy for good.

If wishes were sit ups, we'd all be The Situation.

Stop wishing that your laptop had a matte finish and take matters into your own hands, like Jason Fitzpatrick at Lifehacker did when he used a scour pad to de-gloss his Asus Eee netbook.

Using nothing more than a rough household cleaning pad (like ulta-fine 000# grade steel wool or 3M Scotch Brite scour pads), he buffed his way to a matte finish—eliminating fingerprints for good:

Take the dry scour pad and work it in wide circles over the glossy part of the case to create a swirling brushed-steel effect. The case will start to look like it has been dusted with white powder as you abrade the surface. After minute of light buffing use a very slightly damp paper towel to wipe the dust away. The case will look temporarily glossy again but will dry in a matter of moments to reveal the matte finish.

If any of you guys try this at home, let us know how it turns out! Add your photos and descriptions to our Unplggd Flickr Pool or send us an email or tweet with the details!

Via Lifehacker

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