Kim’s Clever, Re-purposed Organizers

I know I know, you hate the non-word “re-purposed.” But in the case of Kim’s Personalized Mount Pleasant Flat, I hope that you’ll forgive me while you focus on the creative ways that Kim has reinterpreted objects as functional organizing solutions.

As mentioned in her house tour, Kim’s apartment manages to strike the balance between impressively organized and organically personalized. In no small part, it’s due to her ability to put a host of ordinary and found objects to work. It’s one thing to run out to the Container Store whenever you have a storage need, but it’s quite another to look around at what you already have and make it into something useful. Let’s take a look at the…

• picture frame that she outfitted with screen mesh to hold her earrings
• cleaned out jelly jars and tin cans wrapped in her travel maps that hold art supplies
• curtain tie backs that hold her bulky rolling pin
• vintage bottle caddy that holds everyday shoes and slippers in the front hall
• and the ever-useful hanging shoe organizer that she uses to hold hard to store accessories like scarves and belts.

To see the rest of Kim’s lovely home, check out her full house tour.

(Images: Leah Moss)