Kim's Cure: Taking a Break from Tech

Kim's Cure: Taking a Break from Tech

Kim Lucian
Jan 16, 2014
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

I have lived without a TV in a couple of apartments. When I first lived with roommates in college we went without one both because it didn't top the priority list on our ramen-noodle-budget and because we never really felt the need. When I lived alone I ditched my oversized flatscreen as well, opting instead to curl up with my laptop when there was something I really wanted to watch...

At that point that was enough to keep me centered and grounded, choosing to get creative with my free time and reach out to a friend (and not via Facebook) when I needed a little company. Now, the television seems to be the least of my distractions. Most days my desk is covered with a laptop and accessories, my iPad and the ever present smartphone, often with the TV humming in the background with something dull enough to fill the silence but interesting enough to be a real distraction. In short, while all that tech keeps me on top of multiple things at once, my focus is usually divided.

Sadly, these habits tend to carry into my downtime once the workday is over. I'll find myself perusing Facebook while half watching TV next to my fiancé, not fully relaxing or getting much out of any of it, just fully, effectively distracted. I think distraction is a very comfortable place for most of us, but one worth breaking out of.

So this evening I am choosing to cook dinner with some music on instead of the hum of the TV, to take a hot bath with a book instead of watching movies on the iPad, to let go of all of the distractions for just one evening. Maybe I'll just find that sense of center again.

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