Kimberly's January Cure: My First Week

Kimberly's January Cure: My First Week

Kim Lucian
Jan 11, 2013

At first I debated participating in this year's January Cure. I'm in the unusual position of being in a constant state of transition. At the moment I'm living out of a suitcase and a couple of carryon bags while I live in a furnished apartment and search for my next, more permanent, place. But I decided to jump in.

Day 1: Make a list of projects.

The first thing that I wanted to add to my list was, um, get rid of the toilet full of succulents that greets me at my front door, but a. it's not mine to get rid of and b. it's a serious conversation piece, so it stays. (I do, however, refuse to water it, hoping it will die of its own volition.)

In all seriousness, here's what does make the list...

• Make the guest room usable, instead of using it as a dumping ground for all the things I hate, so people can actually visit me.
• Set up a doggie-gate so the pups can hang out on the balcony out front.
• Try to get rid of the musty smell that Febreeze can not seem to kill.
• Buy a few accessories and hang some art to make the place feel a little more like home.

Day 2: Set up an outbox.

Unfortunately for me, I only have access to my essentials until I move. The rest of my possessions are sealed in a shipping container until I find a more permanent home, and the stuff here isn't mine to get rid of.

The one thing I can put in the outbox is the giant crates that my dogs were shipped cross country in. Done.

Day 3: Buy flowers, clean floors and buy green cleaners.

Fresh flowers and green cleaners are already a routine with me (the only part of last years cure I've managed to keep up). I picked up a fresh bunch of flowers at Trader Joe's and restocked the cleaners. Meyer's Clean Day is the brand that I have found works and smells the best. I mopped the kitchen and procrastinated on the carpet. To be honest, I'm afraid of my vacuum… It's older than I am and makes a ton of noise. I'll get it done this week though, and you can all hold me to it.

That's my week! How is the cure going for you?

(Images: Kim Lucian)

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