Kit Out Your iPhone With These 5 Cool Add-On Accessories

Augmenting gadgets is all the rage lately, and the options popping up for iPhones are very cool. They cover the full range from micro to macro, from pre-made to DIY. There’s even a Kickstarter! Check out their specs and find where you can buy them below.

Eye Scope Zoom Lens ($49, Firebox)
This tiny 8x zoom lens clips onto your iPhone with a simple clamp bracket, allowing you to extend your field view to 246m. It looks like it’s not adjustable to a smaller zoom than 8x, but perhaps the included mini tripod will make up for your disappointment.

2. Hasbro’s my3D ($35, Target exclusive)
The my3D works by slipping your iPhone or iPod Touch into this viewmaster-like device, which then turns specially formatted Apple apps into wondrous 3D experiences, sometimes with 360 views. Reviews so far say that the advanced displays of later models work best, but that they’re cool and results in an interesting experience.

3. GoPano micro 360 lens ($50, Kickstarter)
The GoPano started life as a Kickstarter project, where its creators asked for $20k. They hit their goal almost immediately, and the pledges continued to roll in. Currently, they’re at about $90k funding with 31 days to go. The device snaps onto your iphone, then records everything around the phone simultaneously. The video demonstrates a kind of adapted street view.

4. DIY Macro lens
We featured this cool Instructables tutorial which teaches you how to convert the lens from a disposable camera onto a cool clip-on iPhone accessory that lets you take closer and better-focused pics. Can’t argue with the price.

5. Microscope ($49, Firebox)
This microscope accessory measures 3.7cm(D) x 4.1cm(H) x 1.7cm(W), but it manages to achieve a 60x zoom for extreme science close ups. Also comes with three white LEDs.