Kitchen #11: Rupa’s Gathering Place

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Rupa
Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Favorite Kitchen Stores

  • A City Discount – This is a great place for really affordable restaurant and commercial supplies.

  • Global Table – simply beautiful. i love their noodle bowls and they have these beautiful utensils (serving) that look like twigs.

My kitchen is still on the way to being finished (still adding more personal touches and some seating).

This room is so important to me because it brings together my friends and my food. I love to cook with people! When I first moved in, the kitchen was beautiful but didn’t have a lot of prep space for cooking or chopping or anything.

This steel prep table that I bought from a restaurant supply shop and the portable butcher block island that sits under one counter but comes out for more prep space make cooking with friends magnificent! (More after jump)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

3 Compelling kitchen cooking/design tips:

  • Fresh fruit is a must in any kitchen. It’s great to always have a snack handy and fragrant fruit adds color and a great scent (esp.
    mangoes and oranges).

  • Try office supply stores for great containers….

(More after jump)


The other part I love is being able to stare out my window while I’m cooking. The window is angled to give a great view of my block. In the winter (mornings like today) it’s fun to see the snow fall. And this summer I’m hoping to grow some fresh herbs on that sill!

Tips Cont’d
…I’ve used desk drawer organizers for small utensils and plastic file boxes for herbs and chili peppers in the fridge.

  • Use your walls! Especially for smaller spaces, use as much of the wall as possible by adding shelves, taller cabinets, or just mounting hooks or magnets to the wall for frequently-used items (I installed a big magnet to the wall near my stove for spices.)
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