Kitchen #5: Shoshana’s Vintage Mini

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Name: Shoshana
Location: West Village, NYC

Favorite Kitchen Stores

  • The Housing Works Thrift Shops (mostly the one on 17th Street)
  • The Art of Cooking on Hudson Street at Perry
    I like the former because of my weakness for vintage kitchenware; the latter is a convenient place to find what I might need — most recently a Madeleine pan — at competitive prices.

    I wonder if this will take the prize for smallest kitchen? The entire apartment in the West Village is 200 square feet, not including the bathroom. Yes, that’s the corner of the bed you see in one of the pictures.

    At the foot of the bed is a small table and two chairs where I can dine with a guest. I love this kitchen because it taught me to cook with the efficiency of a military tactician.

    Before I lived here, I lived in Upstate NY in a 3 bedroom house with a kitchen, pantry, dining room, and yard with a garden, grill and picnic table. Most of my kitchen things were distributed among friends or donated when I moved and I thought my cooking days were over.

    But I love to cook and would not succumb to carry-out and dining out especially with the great and exotic ingredients one finds in NYC!

    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

    3 Compelling kitchen cooking/design tips:

  • Lesson one: everything must serve at least two purposes.
    My most used piece of cooking equipment is a 10 inch “everything” pan with lid. It doubles as saucepan, wok, skillet. Who needs a toaster when a 10″ round grill pan (Le Creuset) will toast bread and grill fish and flank steak and asparagus.
  • Lesson two: Use odd spaces such as the ceiling and under the cabinet. My glasses (all have stems) are hung from the ceiling. My “spice rack” is recycled jam and jelly jars, the tops of which I screwed under the cabinet over the stove.
  • Lesson three: Buy the best you can afford but don’t get attached to things because in such a small space, breakage is unavoidable.

    More Shoshana!
    I don’t expect that I’ll be here forever; some day I’ll have one of those fab kitchens with vast expanses of counter space and top-of-the-line appliances, but for now, this is great.

    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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